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Queen Platform Beds that Entice Sleep

The 42-year-old Tony Wright form Penzance could not have lacked a bed to stay awake for 11 days and nights. His was a quest to break Randy Gardner’s Guinness world record of 264 sleepless hours set in 1964. The results were devastating; hallucinations, fatigue, poor eyesight and other conundrums that will probably set in later. A sound sleep on a comfortable bed is therefore essential for your physical, emotional and psychological health. Even more enjoyable is a laid-back night on a queen platform bed.

Queen Size Platform Bed

Queen Size Platform Bed

A platform bed that is sometimes referred to as cabin bed is a bed with a raised base made of rows of flexible latticed material or wooden slats in a rectangular frame. The frame and the flexible inside material are used for supporting the mattress. The flexible platform is also ventilated making it suitable for the mattress. With an average human being spending about 649, 401 hours of sleep during their lifetime, beds should be the most comfortable furniture in the house.

These types of beds are characterized by natural elements, clean lines and solid platform bed frame color. Some are typical of headboard leather padding for backrest while relaxing on the bed.

Platforms are great for a number of reasons. These beds come in all sizes. Whether, you want the single-size or the queen platform bed. For a smaller bedroom, you can save the floor space by using smaller beds. If your bedroom floor plan is wide enough, the queen platform bed can help you utilize the abundant space.

The beds are also great for children since they are low enough, hence easy to climb on and out of. They are also good for the elderly and the sick that cannot climb high beds. If you have some extra clothes shoes of files to keep safely, a queen platform bed with storage is the most convenient. Their storage compartments which are usually drawers can be tucked under the bed neatly to save space and maintain the beautiful appointed look of the room. Some also feature an Ottoman storage that involves the opening of the top of the bed using easy to operate mechanisms.

Queen platform beds are very comfortable supporting a wide variety of mattresses depending on the size of the bed. When choosing the right mattress for your queen platform bed, it is recommended that you try the mattress before placing an order. You should lie on your back on the mattress with your hands flat between the small of your back and your hands. Try moving your hand up and down. If it moves so easily, the mattress might just be too hard for you. If it moves with too much difficulty, then the mattress is too hard. If it moves with a little ease, then that is the right one for you.

If you share a queen platform bed with your partner, it is important that they find the mattress and the bed comfortable. Try the bed together each taking his favorite positions. With a third of your life spent sleeping, you have to be very comfortable while asleep.

To make your beds last long, ensure that it is firmly fitted. Tie all the screws and bolts with the right tools to avoid spoiling them. A firm bed makes sleep comfortable as it minimizes noise during sleep.

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