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When your bed begins to squawk due to the loosening spring then you will realize that you might have made a mistake. I do not mean that box spring beds are bad but there are better options. Furthermore, the one you have has served you so well and it is not bad to appreciate and upgrade to a better bed. A comfortable bed is everyone’s desire but what if it offers more than just comfort? Platform beds with storage are very comfortable beds that are very economical with space. They have plenty of space beneath that can be used to store a plethora of paraphernalia. What’s more, these beds are usually very stable and durable. This article will offer you insight into what a platform bed with storage is, how they are constructed and how to choose one in case you go shopping next time.

Platform Bed with Storage

Platform Bed with Storage

A platform bed is a bed that uses a solid or slated foundation instead of a spring box. Platform beds come in several designs but the most basic features are the flat platform foundations upon which a mattress is placed, a headboard, that in some is large and cushioned while in others is small and a storage compartment for the platform beds with storage.

When going about your daily household chores you always want your bedroom to look at its best with everything perfectly placed. Sometimes, other beds do not offer you such privileges as to have a well-organized room since they cover most of the room and have no underneath storage space. For your bedroom to look neat, some of the things that you would not like to use regularly like old books, some shoes, socks and files can be placed under the bed. That is where a platform bed with storage becomes handy. You can simply pull the drawer from the side or the foot of the bed and put anything you would like to hide very safely.

How do you choose a platform bed with storage?

Choosing a platform bed is not difficult when you know what you are looking for. If you want to buy a platform bed, it is better that you try it try it first. You can lie on the bed to feel the quality of the mattress. If you share a bed with your partner, it is important that they try it too.

The position of the storage compartment in your bed and how to access them is also important. Side drawers are very simple and easy to use but they offer unlimited storage since the amount of items stored relies on the space available and the number of drawers. Some platform storage beds are a little bit sophisticated. You will have to raise the platform either manually or electronically. Even though this can inconvenience your partner who might still be on the bed, it offers more storage.

Durability is the also very important when purchasing a bed and the material used to design a platform bed with storage determines how strong it is and how much it can cost. If you have a small budget, you can go for the softwood bed; otherwise, hardwood beds are recommended.


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