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Platform bed frames are here to stay! They are high-end bedroom furniture that beat both the wall bed and day bed in terms of comfort and other features. It has become attractive to many bedroom furniture fanatics who consider it a plus for any bedroom. This article discusses the platform bed frame and what they have in store for your family and how to make the best choice when buying a bed frame of platform.


Platform Bed Frame

Platform Bed Frame

The platform bed fame model does not require a box spring. All it requires is a firm foundation and a mattress. This is advantageous from the design and comfort standpoint.

Platform bed frame is great from the look. It is also economical with space since it offers additional under the bed storage that is not possible with box spring designed beds.


In addition, with just a mattress as the only piece of bedding, more design features can be included in a platform bed frame. Because bedspring units are not considered to support the mattress, the design can be taller or wider. A recess that makes the mattress to appear like it is floating can be created and the edges of the frame can be made to be nearer to the mattress. Other modification features that are possible with the frame of platform bed include changing the height of the headboard, and the height of the bed while considering the size of the mattress.


Platform bed frame has a vital role to play in terms of your general bedroom design. Because they come in various sizes, you are able to allocate space for everything depending on the floor plan size. You can position your dressing table close to the wardrobe and your shoe rack giving you ample space to operate the storage compartments of your bed.


How to choose the best frame of platform bed


The major advantage of a platform bed over traditional bed frames is that they are low hence easy to climb. When choosing a platform bed, go for the ones with great mattress support. Mattress platforms should be flat for the mattress to spread evenly.


Also consider the size of your bedroom. Do not go for so large platform bed frames that will take up all the space available. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes so ensure that you choose the one that will allow you free movement in the house. In addition, size plays a role if you share the bed with a partner. You should have ample space while sleeping and so buying a large frame is advisable.


The size of mattress you have also plays a role. If you are replacing a bed for a platform bed frame, then it is logical to buy a frame that will accommodate the mattress fully. A bed larger than your mattress will not accommodate the mattress fully while a small platform bed frame will only spoil the mattress.


When choosing a platform bed frame, go for one that has storage features. Storage features of platform bed frames will save space in your bedroom. You can store shoes, clothes or even books in the storage compartments. The storage compartments are usually drawers that can be pulled out to the foot of the bed or to the side if the platform bed frame.


Platform bed frames are made of several materials; hardwood, softwood or metallic. The material used in making a bed determines not only its price but also its durability. Hardwood bed frames are very durable but costly. Softwood is relatively more affordable just like metallic ones. Choose one that suites your budged and taste.


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