Handy Living Wood Slat Bed Frame | Amazing Platform Bed Frame

Handy Living Wood Slat Bed Frame

This twin platform bed is very handy and nice looking bed frame. This is slim and very stylish bed. It is very simple and its simplicity makes it very eye-catching to the customers. It is very much popular to the customers. It fits with standard bed mattress. Moreover, there is no need for box spring for this twin frame. It is also available in other sizes- Full, … [Read more...]

Platform bed frames | All Reviews, Prices, Quantities and Qualities

Platform Bed Frame

Platform bed frames are here to stay! They are high-end bedroom furniture that beat both the wall bed and day bed in terms of comfort and other features. It has become attractive to many bedroom furniture fanatics who consider it a plus for any bedroom. This article discusses the platform bed frame and what they have in store for your family and how to make the best … [Read more...]

Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame Review | Dark Finish with Non-Toxic


This king platform bed- Solid wood platform bed is a slim, sleek and a sturdy bed. Its design is efficient enough. It is durable and strong. Solid wood is used with Eco-friendly Water based blemish. Assembly is needed but required tools for the assembly will be provided. Its simplicity makes it popular to the customers. It is available all in four sizes- twin, full, … [Read more...]

Platform Bed Frame Review | Solid OAK Platform Bed Frame

Solid OAK Platform Bed Frame

This bed is very nice and made from natural pure wood. It is very strong, elegant and adorable. It is also solid and durable. It does not need much space. The frame looks nice in the room. This bed is Eco-friendly and no chemical is use in it. It has 10 years of warranty with it. The bed is 100% clean and there is no toxin in it. It is very comfortable and can be used … [Read more...]

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