Queen platform bed | Reviews, Price and Satisfiction of Others


Queen Platform Beds that Entice Sleep The 42-year-old Tony Wright form Penzance could not have lacked a bed to stay awake for 11 days and nights. His was a quest to break Randy Gardner’s Guinness world record of 264 sleepless hours set in 1964. The results were devastating; hallucinations, fatigue, poor eyesight and other conundrums that will probably set in later. A … [Read more...]

Platform Bed with Storage | Review of the best Platform Beds Storage

Platform Bed with Storage

When your bed begins to squawk due to the loosening spring then you will realize that you might have made a mistake. I do not mean that box spring beds are bad but there are better options. Furthermore, the one you have has served you so well and it is not bad to appreciate and upgrade to a better bed. A comfortable bed is everyone’s desire but what if it offers more t … [Read more...]

Platform bed frames | All Reviews, Prices, Quantities and Qualities

Platform Bed Frame

Platform bed frames are here to stay! They are high-end bedroom furniture that beat both the wall bed and day bed in terms of comfort and other features. It has become attractive to many bedroom furniture fanatics who consider it a plus for any bedroom. This article discusses the platform bed frame and what they have in store for your family and how to make the best … [Read more...]

King Platform Bed | The Ultimate Guide of Price and Review


The King Platform Bed For Everyone  You can only imagine the luxury and comfort you feel when you stretch on a king platform bed. You will have a lot of room to yourself and space to curdle too. These beds are not out of reach of anyone. They are not very expensive; neither do they take a lot of space as you have probably thought. It is believed that these beds take … [Read more...]

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